Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haircuts and Head Massages?

Ok, so I've gone to the same barber since I was 5 years old, and recently he passed away, and the shop closed. So sure i kinda feel bad that he's dead, but really i'm more pissed that i have to alter my life just because someone decides it's time to up and die on me. Of course i hate change, and i know that the process of finding another barber is going to be both gruelling and infuriating. So i procrastinate as long as i can, until my head starts to feel like I'm wearing a wool hat full time. So my arduous journey begins....

So first thing we have to get clear is, that I want a Barber Shop. Not a Beauty salon, or a place where they cut both men and women's hair, but an old fashioned Barber Shop, where it's dominated by old men reading newspapers and talking about sports.

Well surprisingly I find just a place nearby, and i proceed to get my hair cut. So as I'm getting my hair cut, everything seems fine, except near the end, when I think the barber is about to be finished, he up and outs starts to massage my head. At this point I'm suffering a bit of SHOCK AND AWE, and basically just confused as to what the fuck is going on here. After a few minutes of head throbbing massage, he stops and brushes away the hair, and takes the smock off me. I then proceed to pay the bill, and leave, all the while still in utter shock of what just occurred. Did I just get head raped, i had to ask myself...

Well, another couple months roll by, and i decide not to go to that place, and i try out another barber shop, and low and behold... the same shit happens again. It's like that fucking old Ashton Kutcher show where i expect him to jump out yelling i've been pranked. Except no one does jump out. And i walk out feeling like i should of at least been taken out to dinner before being head fondled.

It turns out that these head massages are the new rage in barber circles. I guess it started with some crazy people in India and now it's all over the place.

Well, now it looks like i'm relegated to cutting my own hair, and wearing a hat for the rest of my life.

here are some vids: